Panic blood sugar level Values

Blood sugar spikes can be dangerous. If you are unsure whether your blood glucose values are already panic values than please ask for a personal consultation. Your doctor will schedule a personal appointment with you at your earliest convenience when an appointment is available.

All consultations are by telephone with the Coach calling you at the number you provide.

You will not incur any additional long distance charges beyond the initial call to make the appointment.

measuring glucose

measuring glucose

If your Blood Glucose is higher than 140 mg/dl, take the following steps to bring it down yourself before calling your doctor using the guidelines given above:

1. Wash your hands very well, dry very well. If necessary, use alcohol to clean the site and re-check your blood glucose with your monitor.

2. If the results are still above 140 mg/dl AND you have no problems with your heart or kidneys, drink 32 oz. of water in the next 30 minutes.

3. During that same 30 minutes, be as active as your body will let you…walk, jog, run, if you are able. If you have other health problems that prohibit those things, then sit or lie down and move all the joints that you can through their entire range of motion as many times as you can in that length of time.

4. At the end of the 30 – 35 minutes of activity, stop being active. Rest, relax, catch your breathe for about 20 minutes.

5. Re-check your blood glucose and be prepared to be amazed at the dramatic drop in your blood glucose. (from 25 – 100 mg/dl — depending on how vigorous your activity was.)

6. Wait 2 hours. During that 2 hours you may drink any calorie-free liquids, but do not eat anything with calories.

7. Re-check your blood glucose. If it has gone back up, repeat from step 2. If it has continued to stay in an acceptable range, then, resume your normal activities and meal pattern. Be sure to check your BG at least 4 times over the next 24 hours!

Be sure that your blood sugar levels are not too low, or you risk hypoglycaemia.

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